Taco night at TheRoxieWay’s house is no laughing matter……..We take our tacos serious here!!!

#Tacos made #TheRoxieWay

I have been making these #tacos for going on almost 30 years now hard to believe! With just a couple of tweaks from the original recipe, my father-in-law got from a certain local fast food chain that is still around today. The secret is in how you cook them and what you do with them once they are finished frying.

The orginal recipe called for you to put a light layer of lard on each tortilla before frying and used a certain flavor packet. For me, I could’t stand the lardy flavor left in my mouth when lard was used so I switched to using a very small amount of canola oil. Due to my food sensitives I came up with what my family says is a better tasting meat mixture, by using spices I am safe to use in place of the “flavor packet”….. Like garlic powder & garlic salt, smokey paprika chipotle, cumin, black pepper and sea salt.

I’m guessing the average person could eat 5 tacos but not my guys…..When I make #tacos it’s a process because on average my guys eat 7-11 each! That doesn’t count for guests, I’ve been known to make over 200 tacos in a single session.

A typical #taco dinner at TheRoxieWay’s house



I catered a Cinco De Mayo party for several years in a row, it was a lot of fun and a lot of work….

The Sun City folk can throw down some serious food the menu was basically the same year after year. Tacos, Chile Verde, Posole, Spanish Rice, Cuban Black Beans, Salsa, Guacamole, and so much more.

Cinco De Mayo catering pa



Trap Team

I catered the Trap Team many times, but it was the taco feed that almost got us in trouble. You are not allowed to sell your food to others teams or individuals. After several people came over trying to buy a plate we got talked to because the Trap Club thought we might be profiting off my food. Once we assured them we absolutely were not selling tacos we were given the ok to continue. I’ve never had to turn so many people away from my food before…….



I had a great time watching Alan play with my kids during down time he was tossing the ball for them. Then there was the 8:38 stretch with tacos in hand!!!!

My very first Recipe from Home segment with the One and only Alan Sanchez . I made grilled tacos with Spanish rice and jalapeños stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped with bacon!


GoodDay’s Melissa and I did a second show years later featuring my Tacos

This was mine and Melissa’s first Recipe from Home segment we did together, she is so beautiful and the sweetest lady ever!


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