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Back to my story …..and how I found out that I was the cause of the pain I was experiencing at least to a degree anyway!
I was born in the 70’s…1970 to be exact.
Let me start by saying that I truly love and forgive both my parents and most of the other people who so easily laid out the abuse in those early years. I say this because my life started out with a very abusive childhood. As an adult, I spent many years with p.t.s.d. not knowing what I was going through. Unbeknownst to me I was literally wrecking havoc on my immune system! From the childhood abuse to the constant state of anxiety I was experiencing it all came down to what was going wrong with my body now- the year is 1997 I’m age 27 I’ve been experiencing what everyone thought was migraines for going on 12 years at this point .
Part of my back story:
– my mother was grieving the loss of her true love, my father, who had moved onto his new life with the new family, he wasn’t really a part of my childhood but his parents, brothers and sisters were very much a part of the beginning years. My sister and I actually lived with them for a short time and some of my favorite memories come from that time of my life with them…
My mother dealing with or better yet not dealing with the loss of her marriage met a very abusive sub-human and married. I watched her be physically abused while pregnant with my little sister, we were held hostage and had to escape then sneak back into the very house we had just escaped from because the police said, “I’m sorry ma’am we didn’t see this happen there’s nothing we can do here to help you. …” again this was now 1982 before domestic violence laws changed! I am 12 years old and by now, I have been subjected to abuse of every kind from the verbal to the physical, to mental, and yes even the unthinkable. ……. I have been given a few different types of street drugs because the thinking was if she knew where it came from, she knew that I would be safe. …..Wrap your head around that one -giving a child, your child, street drugs because it made sense to her! The drugs she gave me are highly addictive I thank the Lord and Universe I am a strong willed person because I could have very easily become a drug addict with just the 1 time use of a few. So I guess you can see there was abuse in every aspect of my childhood and my defenses were to smile, do whatever I was told to do, not talk back and pretty much just try to blend in so not to be singled out. I had a permagrin on my face at all times for fear of someone realizing the torment going through my mind. I learned to talk to you and see the flashbacks at the same time never showing the horror inside my head just smiling my way through life but not actually feeling life.
I was not aware that the abuse could wreck so much havoc on the immune system later in life! However, in my research that is exactly what I found. …..when you are subjected to severe abuse in the early developmental stages of life you often end up with an autoimmune disease of varying types. I found it most often emerges in early adulthood and it stems from the fact that as you were growing on the outside- the inside was in a constant state of fight or flight not able to differentiate safety from harm, in a sense tricking the immune system into false protection at all times!
When you are in that constant state of fight or flight you are not allowing your body to do what it would naturally do, it is in a highly protected state overriding the natural state to a hypersensitive one and in a developing body that means chaos in the interior. I’m not a doctor nor do I claim these as facts, what I can do is tell you what happened in my case, what I found in my research and how abuse can break down your natural defenses (your immune system) not every body is the same, in my case, I am extremely hypersensitive to free glumatic acids. …what is that you ask?????
Fast forward to 1997, by this time I have two amazing little boys and a incredibly amazing husband. I have spent more of my adulthood in bed than anywhere else due to the state my body was in. The pain was excruciating and I might go for 2 weeks at a time not able to move from the bed, except to vomit or potty. Remember I have two small boys, by this time, I have been dealing with the severe pain for 12 straight years, and I do not know how much longer I can deal with it. I am concerned that I will not see the boys grow up. Then one magical day my husband gets a call to go out of town for work and I call my friend, Suphan (pronounced Sue-Pan), to see if she would teach me how to make her Thai fried chicken! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
After 3 Days of being sick, I am finally able to get out of bed and I am starving so I decide to make myself more Thai fried chicken. …this time I decide since it tasted so good with the ingredient Sup put in it that I shall double the amount! 7 days later, 5lbs lighter and feeling as if I had been in the worst fight of my life I began to wonder could it be, that, that one ingredient could cause so much pain?
WORST AND BEST decision of my life doubling that ingredient!
The ingredient was…………M.S.G.
Now what is m.s.g……….Mono Sodium Glutamate a free glumatic acid?
The silent killer. I say silent killer because I was on the verge of insanity. I did not know if I could continue like this, the physical pain I was in was excruciating! Doctors prescribed all kinds of medications, trying migraine therapy; I was taking on average 50-100 Tylenol, ibuprofen, or naproxen every single week for years. I was not aware that there was free glumatic acid in the medication they were prescribing! Never knowing if I would be able to get out of bed, never knowing what was causing the issue, people from friends to family thinking you are either a hypochondriac or just plain crazy. It was all I could do to make it through the day let alone defend myself from the people who were now accusing me of pretending, over exaggeration or being too sensitive. I am pretty sure my husband’s family thought I really did not like them, as I was sick for every family event or occasion that required a gathering for years. Who knew it was the food!
This MSG. …what is it and how could something deemed “safe” by the FDA be the cause of the pain I have been dealing with for so long now?
Well with the punch of a few keywords on this thing, we call the Internet I had my answer! M.S.G – Free Glumatic Acids. ……..
There are about 50 different names
it took 3 years to get the names down, to stop poisoning myself and to figure out it was not just in the foods I was consuming! I found out that the free glumatic acids are in everything from the food you eat to the everyday products you use! Aspartame one of the biggest offenders is put in everything diet…
Aspartame is given to lab rats in order to make them become obese. …..
Could this mean your “diet” foods and drinks are actually the cause of the lack of weight loss? Again, I am no doctor but I am able to put 2 + 2 together you figure that one out!
L-cysteine is a softener used in breads….it is extracted from human hair, can come from chicken and duck feathers as well as cow horns and other sources, a dime size piece will keep me down for 3 Days.
This is just the beginning, keep following my page for more information on how you can also avoid the pain I was experiencing just by choosing differently. By educating your self on the chemicals in the products we use! Please leave feedback or comments and I will respond as soon as I can. Thank you for giving me your time and thoughts
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