How did I come up with the name #TheRoxieWay………

How I came up with the name #TheRoxieWay and why it’s relevant to me…….But first the back story……

Back when my oldest son, Ryan, was in high school he was a member of the Trap Shooting team, they always planned these huge lunches that I couldn’t partake in because of my food sensitivities. At the same time I was also organizing for a few people to earn extra income. The lady, Nancy, I did the most work for would hire me to help her prepare for the parties she was known to throw. Through those years I learned how to plan menus, learned time management, and shopping on a budget, how to cook on a sub-par stove and deal with lack of cooking space. I got my catering license and started a new venture…..Cooking for the Trap Team and Catering for my Sun City clients.

When father and son teach them how it’s done

As I mentioned I couldn’t eat what the Trap team was eating so I would bring my own lunches. Well, that lasted for about 2 practices…..The kids, would come up to me asking what Roxie was having? I’d explain I have food allergies and I couldn’t eat what they were eating so I had to bring my own lunch. After having shared my lunch with some of my sons friends a few of the other parents asked if I would be interested in making enough for the whole team so we all could eat the same lunch. Then some of the parents asked if I ever thought about catering because they loved my food. The lady, Nancy, I did most of the organizing for also thought it a good idea and so the adventure to come up with a name was on…..Back then I didn’t listen to myself like I do now, and let the opinions of others influence my decision…Bad chioce it was a mouthful

Alonzo’s All American City Catering…yes, that’s the name thought best for me because it was representing my city and included my surname of Alonzo. What it didn’t represent was me and who I am…..

I kept that name and did numerous parties from small parties of 20-30 all the way to larger parties of 130+ I truly enjoyed every aspect of the catering except 2 things. 1. The first party I did I was banned to the garage to make the Tacos because Nancy didn’t want to have me in the house…..Well, that only lasted the one party because everyone came out to the garage to find me. The following years I was given the coveted spot out back where there was always a line of people waiting to talk to me……The 2nd thing I didn’t like was serving…..I have 2 boys and a husband I’ve done enough serving over the years that, that part of me is exhausted…..

Sun City catering party

I started to loose my confidence a few years into the catering for reasons that now I see were so ridiculous I’m embarrassed to admit. I stopped catering and started shrinking into myself again. After working so hard to gain the confidence it took to start catering, here I was back to the scared, not confident in myself, person I had been for so many years prior…Where was all the work I had done to fix myself, how could I let others steal my confidence, was I always going to be this scared little figure that couldn’t manage to stand on her own two feet?

I decided to give the catering one more try after I got a call from a Client who had been to one of the many parties I catered, she asked that I consider doing one last party for her husbands 80th birthday.

Sun City Roseville
My last catering party

Prepping for the 80th Birthday party

Just before guests arrive

The guest of Honor has arrived and the party is in full swing


Well, I got through that final party with the help of my husband, youngest son, and daughter-in-law. The decision was made I would no longer be doing catering.

And my story continues……..