So how did I go from Alonzo’s All American City Catering To TheRoxieWay?

My son Tyler a.k.a. Bow Tie Boy with Mr. Cody Stark picking up his Thank You a scratch made Blueberry Buckle

It may come across as arrogant….TheRoxieWay…..I get it

That would be to judge a book by its cover……

That would be a falsity ……..

That would be so far from the truth it’s funny…….as anyone who knows me, knows I am not arrogant. Far from it in fact. I have learned confidence, I have learned to truly love myself, I have learned to be brave again, but definitely not arrogant.

My son, Tyler, was going to his high school Home Coming dance and wanted to learn how to tie a bow tie. That’s where Mr. Stark comes in. Tyler asked if he thought Cody would teach him how to tie a bow tie. I said I thought he would if we emailed him. Fast-forward to the next Sunday, Tyler was being taught on air by Cody how to tie a bow tie and Bow Tie Boy was born!

First time in studio

It’s a few months later I’ve made my apple-butter and a fresh batch of guacamole. Tyler says I should give some to Cody as a Thank you for teaching him how to tie the bow tie but also he may need him again in the future, I should keep him happy. We do take a batch of the apple-butter and guacamole to Cody, who then on air says I should be in the Guacamole ThrowDown. I’m accepted into the challenge & I’m hooked (more on this subject later) the adrenaline is so much better than the adrenaline from a anxiety attack. But much more important than the on air shout out was the email asking if I’d ever thought about writing a cookbook as that was the best apple-butter he’d ever had.

Yes, as a matter of fact I had been for years talking about, compiling recipes for and wanting to write a cookbook. It was like a message from another dimension what was I going to do with it? What would I call it,what would I call myself since I decided that I would no longer use the Alonzo’s All American City Catering……..

The 1st challenge got @TheRoxieWay hooked Guacamole it was my 3rd Appearance on @GoodDaySac I was so nervous

This is where TheRoxieWay was born… see I can not eat like my family can. I can not use the same products as them nor can I be in certain environments like they can. So, there you have it… has to be TheRoxieWay or I risk being violently ill. No arrogance just self preservation it can’t be TheRandy, TheRyan, or TheTyler Way because my autoimmunity can not handle the same chemicals as others. It was the perfect name for me, thought of by me, not influenced by the thoughts of others. It makes a statement in and of itself …….

Cody helped me get my brave back with that first shout out from there I wanted to do the next challenge. It would be The Clam Chowder Challenge. I can say I was asked for my recipe by 1 of the judges and every drop of chowder was eaten, but I didn’t win either of the challenges. You know what it was ok, I was learning to be brave again, part of the process is learning to be ok with people not picking you, but still showing up and doing the best you can.

The Clam Chowder ThrowDown

I know my chowder is fabulous and it’s ok it wasn’t chosen, would I let two failed challenges determine my worth? No, I would keep on keeping on and sign up for every challenge that GoodDay Sacramento would allow me to do. That is until one Saturday morning I saw the promo for “We Want You”………

To be continued………..