Let’s Not Be Confused……….Why can I use some products but not others?

As many of you know I am highly sensitive to chemicals in all forms, my family however is not. You will see me post or talk about products with chemicals at times because I can handle them with care, meaning I will use gloves or not taste test that particular food, but make it for them to enjoy.

I understand I can not cut all chemicals out of my daily life but what I can do is limit my exposure to them. Know what chemicals react what way in my body and weigh my options as to whether or not to proceed and use the product.

Like for instance I can not use a popular brand of whip cream due to its use of SODIUM CASEINATE along with other chemicals so I will make homemade whip cream (pictured below) for my protection. If I were to eat the store bought brand I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed for several days due to the extent of the damage the chemicals do to my body. A typical reaction would be: Upon wakening after the consumption of this chemical (sodium caseinate) I will wake up not “feeling good”, my head will feel like I am having a migraine type headache but worse by 100 times, I won’t be able to keep my coffee down and I will vomit anywhere from 1 – 15 times each day, my entire body aches, from stomach pains to constant nausea, head pain that feels like my brain is bleeding, it’s a wet sensation that I can’t really describe. I can’t stand up for more than a couple minutes before I will vomit from the pressure, I’m weak, I can’t talk, my train of thought is stuck on I WANT TO MAKE THIS EXCRUCIATING PAIN STOP…..oh no, I’m going to be sick again, will I make it to the bathroom…..please make this pain stop……

Scratch made whip cream

I almost missed my son’s graduation due to a chemical change in a cheese I used to be able to eat……1/2 slice of cheese(food-like product) with the same ingredient (sodium caseinate) will put me out for 1-3 days!!!!!

My sons graduation 2016

What is upsetting is these food-like companies can change an ingredient without informing the consumer. Years ago, I used a particular store bought flour tortilla, it took me days to figure out they had switched one ingredient for another and I no longer could use that brand…..Fast forward a few months, the same company has switched back to being safe? How can one know from one day to the next if a company is going to change out an ingredient? I literally check the ingredients on every product I use before I use it. It seems when I forget to check, something has changed, so I have made it part of my everyday life to READ ALL INGREDIENTS. It can be quite comical to see my reaction when I’ve forgotten to look..

When I’m not sure about what I ate or used!!!

…my eyes get even bigger than normal and triggers my heart rate to skyrocket and it pounds so hard it hurts, I want to cry because if by chance I’ve accidentally poisoned myself I know what I’m in for!

Tortillas made #TheRoxieWay


One year we were getting ready to leave for our then yearly vacation to Oregon, we had decided to go out to eat the night before. It was a buffet type Chinese place we had gone to for years but it had been several months since our last visit, at the end of our dinning experience we asked to see our friends wife, the Owner…….. oh she sold the restaurant she’s no longer here…….This is how the story played out

WHAT!!! Do you know if there is M.S.G. in your food?


WHAT are you sure??

M.S.G. yes most definitely in everything…….

Honey I want to cry right now, you know what this means…..

Well, I cannot underestimate how HAPPY I was that she had no clue what she was talking about, they used the same recipes as our friends wife had and I woke up feeling ready for vacation!!!!!

My point is not everyone knows what they are talking about, you will get false information, it’s up to you to determine what is worth investing time in and deciding if chancing it is worth the price? When I know the outcome of a chemical, with my immune system already being compromised I won’t chance it. I will tell you no thank you, or politely explain that packaged food-like products are harmful to me and I’d rather not eat then knowingly put a harmful chemical in or on my body. Yes some people actually get offended if you refuse what they are offering, yet they don’t understand the extent of trauma eating just that one chip, slice of cheese, or whatever will do to my body. The more I use or Consume the worse the episode will be. Try figuring out it was the nail polish remover with gelatin in it that caused me to be sick for days, or use a wine, thinking wine is safe but change the brand and I’m sick. Thanks to a local news I found out there’s about 100 different additives they can add,one being gelatin. You don’t think about it you just use products and go about your daily life. I don’t have that option, I have to check and recheck every time I use a man made product…….from food to food-like from cleaning supplies to beauty products it doesn’t matter chances are if it’s not 100% natural I’m risking my quality of life because an episode can last from 1-10 days where I simply can’t get out of bed. Luckily it’s been years since I’ve poisoned myself for that many days. Now it lasts from 1-3 days but I seem to go months in between an episode, it can last longer depending on the exposure or consumption amount.