Street Dogs


Have you ever been to L.A.’s fashion district? I did several years ago and I remember the family having these amazing smelling dogs that they called “Street Dogs”. I couldn’t eat them because we didn’t know what ingredients they used and I couldn’t take a chance on getting sick.

What did #TheRoxieWay do…….I came home and made my own version of the Best Street Dogs ever! Using a natural hot dog wrapped it in bacon and then I put my indoor griddle to work! In this version we used red, orange and yellow sweet peppers along with onions all grilled together for amazing flavor!

Some great toppings are :

Pico De Gallo, fresh chopped tomatoes, cucumber,pineapple, fresh sweet onions….The list goes on and on basically you want a nice crunch that adds a completely different dimension to the dogs you are used to eating!

Bacon! It’s what’s for dinner!

Here we have a #BaconTaco

Now I don’t know about you but I personally love breakfast for dinner, and I also love tacos so why not combine the two and have a party in your mouth!

The weave is easy….Cooking it can be tricky. I suggest using a large frying pan that fits the weaved bacon, then place a heavy heat proof pan on top to keep bacon flat.




The bacon weave oven cooked

The bacon weave pan fried






Cooking it this way allows for all the bacon to be cooked verses in the oven it cooks a little unevenly.


BLT Sushi

Here’s another great idea that is simple and easy to make. I saw this gem on Facebook and decided to give it a try, I mean who doesn’t Love bacon! Again to make it #TheRoxieWay I tweeked the original recipe to make it my own. First you weave your bacon. Cook until done flipping half way through the cooking process. Once your bacon is fully cooked lay down a piece of plastic wrap put your bacon on that, lay down the lettuce, spread  your mayo or guacamole on the lettuce then add tomato and onion and begin rolling into a tight roll, remove plastic wrap and cut into bite size pieces enjoy! You can add anything you want use your imagination and start making #BLTSUSHI

First you weave your bacon

Next you can either bake or fry your weaved bacon

Finished result! This roll was made with a parmesan mayo & guacamole. Always put the lettuce first it holds everything in.

This roll was fried no mayo or guacamole was used just pure flavors coming through.

Here we have romaine, tomato, onion, sprouts, pepper turkey and avocado.