Making scratch made Noodles #TheRoxieWay

The first roll-out


A dusting of flour to finish the cuts…..

A little dry time before cooking….

If you enjoy pasta try making it from scratch!!!! It is easy and the best pasta you will ever enjoy!!!! I like to use the recipe I found on @TheFoodNetwork I’ve tried several and this one is simple, #delish and ready before you know it…….

I simply boil my noodles, after they’ve had a little drying time. Then I sprinkle Parmesan and add some fresh garlic a dash of butter and oh my try not to stuff your self……

A beautiful bowl of silky noodles……

Chorizo Meatballs


If you want that wonderful Chorizo flavor but the thought of what goes into it makes your stomach ache, make your own using #fresh pork and spices it’s #TheRoxieWay. Just change out the unknown and chemical ingredients for real pork and spices. You can bake or fry these for amazing flavor then add to any dish or enjoy just as they are…………..

Next we have Asian chicken meatballs. These little nuggets are absolutely #fabulous. You can ask your butcher to grind up fresh chicken breast/thighs for you for a lot cheaper then you can buy already ground chicken……

Add your favorite Asian flavors like soy sauce, lemongrass, garlic, fish sauce, etc….again you can bake or fry these for a great #snack or add them to your favorite dinner……..