Best Bread & Cheese Ever

Premade loaf cut diagonally and horizontally but don’t cut through the entire loaf 

Add cheese, melted butter with garlic and parsley to the loaf

Cook in oven on 350° for 20 minutes or until cheese has melted

Enjoy with a bowl of chowder

Biscotti….. it’s easier than you might think

Making #Biscotti is actually a pretty easy #snack to make

Your ingredients…..

Mix it up real good before adding the fruits and nuts.

Shape into loafs and bake until golden brown…..

Slice the cooled #Biscotti and bake a second time until lightly golden brown….

Let the cooked #Biscotti cool before enjoying!

Peanut butter cup Cookies

With just a few #fresh #ingredients you can have some amazing cookies!

Toss your ingredients into your stand mixer or mix with hand mixer.

Some of the #BEST cookie dough you can imagine results from just a few ingredients! 

Is there anything better than a warm #chocolatechipcookie? Only a peanut butter cup chocolate chip & walnut cookie!

Lemon Chicken Piccata

Have you ever had a favorite TV dinner? I did, years ago there was a TV dinner that was so good I could literally eat 2 whole dinners at a time. It was a popular brand that still exists today however it is so laden with chemicals it’s more a foodlike product than real food.

It’s #TheRoxieWay to find a clean way to cook the same thing, I have accomplished that with this amazing recipe I found. I tweeked a few things and added a couple of my own ideas to the recipe to make it my own otherwise it wouldn’t be #TheRoxieWay. My version takes approximately 30 minutes to cook using only Real ingredients, no chemicals and a lot of LOVE.

Lemon Piccata with new potatoes and mushrooms

Hot Chocolate Dippers

Hot Chocolate Dippers

I love a cup of hot chocolate when it’s cold and rainy outside. Unfortunately most of what is on the supermarket shelves I can’t have due to the chemicals in them, but after watching an episode of Terry Crews Saves Christmas, I was happy to see I could make my own! Here is two different ways to make them: Either dip a spoon into your melted chocolates and top with a variety of nonpareils or use a plastic shot cup fill with melted chocolates then top with marshmallows or nonpareils. Let the chocolate set up, add to a cup of steamy milk and stir!



Who knew soup could be so good? If you like the canned version this will blow your mind it’s so good!!!! Made using fresh ingredients, dry beans, carrots, smoked bacon, and a almost secret blend of spices, cooked to perfection!

Recipe: Bean with Bacon Soup #TheRoxieWay

1lb. dry white beans rinsed and soaked overnight or fast soak method (DO NOT DRAIN WATER) if you need to add liquid I suggest chicken stock

1lb. thick sliced bacon (NOT: Maple but applewood, cherrywood, or hickory) chopped, fried and drained ( VERY IMPORTANT for final flavor… render the fat and set aside for use later. You should get about 1/2 cup give or take of rendered fat use it all)

1/2 Bag frozen but defrosted carrots chopped finely

1/4-1/2 small can tomato paste (Contadina or Muir Glen I find to have the best flavor)

SPICES: Ancho pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, 1 bay leaf, white pepper and salt (with the spices start off with small amounts like a teaspoon each increasing only the flavors you want to bring forth…example don’t over salt, the bacon will add salt, and you don’t want it over-salted, but the onion powder will add a back round flavor that is important to the final dish)

Cook beans on medium high when almost done add the rendered bacon fat and spices let cook until beans are fully cooked.

Add tomato paste in small amounts starting with a 1/4 can if you need to adjust add a little more. It gives the nice orange-red color of the soup.

Next the beans are fully cooked, and flavors taste right… add your carrots let them simmer until heated through.

Bean with Bacon Soup

Finally add your cooked bacon let simmer for about 20 minutes and flavors will deepen.

For reheating I suggest adding a little chicken stock or water to thin down a little.





Do you like eggs and pancakes?????? Have them together :) Here’s how


First put your egg on well seasoned griddle

First put your egg on well seasoned griddle

Next put pancake batter around egg

Next put pancake batter around egg

Once it bubbles up gently turn your pancake to complete cooking

Once it bubbles up gently turn your pancake to complete cooking

Your finished product! A sunny side egg in a pancake!

Your finished product! A sunny side egg in a pancake!